Musk releases new video: Tesla cars will soon learn to speak

Tesla CEO Elon Musk released a video Sunday showing a Tesla Model 3 vehicle talking. In the video, the car says, “Don’t just stand there, get on the bus.” Then he said, “Have you practiced this sentence for a long time?” “

Musk releases new video: Tesla cars will soon learn to speak

The video’s caption reads: “Tesla will talk to people right away if you like.” It’s true. “Musk is a fan of artificial intelligence, and it’s almost universally known that he’s eager to use artificial intelligence in Tesla cars, and not just to use it in autonomous driving.

Musk has been working hard to improve the voice-handling of Tesla vehicles. He also previously claimed that one day Tesla vehicles would be able to answer questions from owners.

The new Tesla also introduced an update for the Model 3 model, which uses music through external speakers to alert pedestrians to the movement of the vehicle when the vehicle is moving at low speeds, because the electric car is very quiet at low speeds. This can cause pedestrians to be unpredictable as the vehicle approaches, which can lead to danger. Perhaps the company wants to introduce a new feature that allows the vehicle to use external speakers to talk to people outside.

However, it appears that the sound of the vehicle came from inside the vehicle because the vehicle’s windows were open so that we could hear the sound from the outside. This has led many to wonder: is it possible to hear sounds from the outside only if the windows are opened?

One thing is for sure, though, that Musk plans to make his car talk to pedestrians. One Twitter user asked Musk: “I want the vehicle to be able to talk to pedestrians.” And Musk’s answer is: “They will.” “

The question now is what Tesla motors will say to pedestrians. Will it alert pedestrians that the vehicle is approaching, or will it make pedestrians laugh? Cars will even one day cross pedestrians wear clothes that look good.