AMD CEO Su Zifeng: Radeon GPU to be everywhere

The third quarter produced the best results, and the product lines blossomed, which gave Dr. Su Zifeng, as AMD’s CEO, the same confidence in the graphics card that is widely considered to be a weak link in AMD. Su Ma in the interview specifically talked about the game console, is expected to be launched in the second half of next year, Sony PS5, Microsoft Xbox Sver, will be quickly sold, and they are equipped with AMD Zen 2 CPU architecture, RDNA GPU architecture, this is undoubtedly a great opportunity for AMD, Most of the relevant engineers have turned to the service next generation of hosts.

AMD CEO苏姿丰:Radeon GPU要无处不在

Su also reiterated that Radeon graphics technology to be everywhere, data centers, games, PCs, consoles, mobile and so on, especially with Samsung, both opportunities for licensing, but also new opportunities for development, the two sides will jointly optimize the low-power application of Radeon graphics technology, This in turn contributes to the energy efficiency of AMD graphics.

At present, Sony, Microsoft, Samsung, Apple, Google and other giants are using AMD GPU, the only remaining nVIDIA GPU is Nintendo.

Rumor has it that NVIDIA’s next-generation GPU Ampere will use Samsung 7nm process, will the A card also be made with Samsung?

Su did not positively admit or deny this, just said that Samsung is a good partner, once for AMD has worked for graphics products, know each other very well, AMD is also looking forward to the future of cooperation opportunities, the goal is always at the forefront of the new process.

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