See how Tesla’s Smart Call scares a good-tempered grandma

A few months ago, Tesla unveiled a software update called Smart Summon, according tomedia. As the name suggests, the feature allows Tesla owners to summon their cars to drive their cars anywhere. Imagine a sudden downpour outside after you’ve finished a trip to the supermarket, when Tesla can drive itself to the supermarket exit and wait for you to get in.

“If you put too much in your shopping cart, if you’re dealing with a picky kid, or if you just don’t want to rain up and walk to your car, it’s a perfect feature,” Tesla said of the feature. Customers who use the Smart Call service in advance tell us that not only does it make it easier for them to travel, but it also provides them with a unique moment of pleasure when their car picks them up for their first trip. “

See how Tesla's Smart Call scares a good-tempered grandma

That’s fine, but Tesla seems to have forgotten to mention a scenario in which your good-natured grandmother is scared – even if the car was driving slowly.

In the early years, someone had let their grandmother get into a self-driving Tesla car, and the elderly were too scared.