Google begins testing Stadia on non-Pixel mobile devices

Google’s Stadia will either become the future of the gaming media platform or become another public experiment that Google will eventually cancel, according tomedia reports. While it shows great potential, there are still many unrealized features, especially as it promises to support any device.

Google begins testing Stadia on non-Pixel mobile devices

So far, Stadia has only supported Google’s Pixel phones (except the first-generation Pixel) for Android devices, but that looks set to change.

According to some reports, Google appears to have started testing Stadia on other OEM phones, allowing users to start running on their non-Pixel phones when they see this screen. But the option seems to have disappeared after a game, suggesting that the test ingress should be random.

Of course, there are other unofficial ways that Stadia can run on any Android device running Android 9 Pie — even an e-reader. Onyx Boox Max 3 just happens to be running this version of Android, followed by a trial video shared by netizens:

But it’s clear that e-readers are definitely not the ideal way to experience Stadia, and while its display delay may be tolerable, black-and-white e-ink screens are definitely not a worthwhile choice for the gaming experience.