Australia or koalas listed as “endangered” by fire

The number of koalas in Australia has suffered so much damage from wildfires sweeping the country that the bagged animal could be classified as endangered in some areas,media reported. That’s the judgment of Australian Environment Minister Susan Ley, who on Monday announced a $50 million ($35 million) funding package to help protect wildlife and restore natural habitats.

The local newspaper quoted Ley as saying: “Maybe it is necessary … to be able to In some parts of the country, see if the koala can be classified from ‘vulnerable’ to ‘endangered’. “

Australia’s months-long bushfires have destroyed vast tracts of forest and bushland, twice the size of Switzerland, and could kill as many as 1 billion animals.

Mr Ley has previously said up to 30 per cent of koalas on the NSW mid-north coast may have died.