Ghosn on the run in an interview, saying “the Japanese are not fast enough”

Brazil’s main newspaper, the State journal S?o Paulo, published an interview with Ghosn, the former chairman of Nissan Motor Co. who fled japan to Lebanon, Kyodo news agency reported. ” (Himself) quickly decided, planned and implemented it,” Mr Ghosn said of the escape. Because the Japanese aren’t fast enough. “The Japanese would not have acted quickly without careful preparation, planning and understanding. If you want to escape successfully, you must get ahead of you as soon as possible. ”

Regarding the use of the Palace of Versailles for private banquets, etc., and the payment of consultants from Nissan by her sister, who lives in Rio de Janeiro, Mr. Ghosn stressed that “frankly, there are no public-private issues” and that “if these problems occur, they will not occur”.

Mr. Ghosn, who was born in Brazil, complained that the Brazilian government had not provided adequate assistance after his arrest in Japan, saying that “holding Brazilian nationality makes little sense in Japan”.