Intel 10nm plus craft Tiger Lake debut Thunderbolt 4 turned out to be USB 4

At the CES show a few days ago, Intel announced the Tiger Lake processor for the 10nm plus process, the second 10nm processor after the Ice Lake processor, which will feature the new Willow Cove Core and Gen12 Core. Then there’s the debut Thunderbolt 4.

Intel 10nm plus craft Tiger Lake debut Thunderbolt 4 turned out to be USB 4

For thunderbolt 4, Intel highlighted the new technology at the CES show, emphasizing that it’s more than four times faster than the USB standard – but don’t be too happy, it’s not that Thunderbolt 4 reaches 80Gbps, but it’s still 40Gbps.

Simply put, the Thunderbolt 4 technology on display is no different in rate from the current Thunderbolt 3 technology, still 40Gbps, still the fastest yet.

While Intel is playing with a vest tactic this time, the Thunderbolt 4 technology is not without its advantages, and the USB-IF organization confirmed that the Thunderbolt 4 shown by Intel is actually the future USB 4, Thunderbolt 4 is the brand name of Intel’s own USB4 technology.

That makes sense, because Intel announced last year that it would donate the Thunderbolt 3 standard to the USB-If organization, so the TRANSMISSION bandwidth of THE USB4 has doubled to 40Gbps, which is down-compatible with USB 3.2/3.1/3.0, Lightning 3, which is now USB, Thunder3 devices and data cables, which can still be used on USB4.

Now just, on the Tiger Lake processor, USB4 and Thunderbolt technology finally fit, the two technologies are the same, will be compatible, but Thunderbolt 4 name can not be misused, because Intel although free open Thunderbolt technology, but certification fees, want to use Thunderbolt 3/4 name also have to pay a sum of money, while wire also have to pay for certification.