Microsoft Windows 7 officially retired: the feeling is priceless, but please look to the future

Today (January 14, 2020) Microsoft has officially stopped supporting the Windows 7 computer operating system, which means that Microsoft will no longer provide security patches for Windows 7 systems in the future. “After 10 years, support for Windows 7 is drawing to a close – January 14, 2020. We understand that change can be difficult, so we will provide you with recommendations on follow-up and answer questions about stopping support. “s website.

Microsoft Windows 7 officially retired: the feeling is priceless, but please look to the future

Windows 7 has been a great X86 operating system for many years, but with the times evolving, it’s time for Windows 7 to step back from the stage.

Still 26% of users today stick to Windows 7: Are you one of them?

Microsoft Windows 7 officially retired: the feeling is priceless, but please look to the future

Microsoft’s intention to stop updating Windows 7 is clear: it’s about getting individual users who are still using Windows 7 to upgrade the Windows 10 operating system as soon as possible, and not only to transfer the windows 7 patch and update department’s workforce to Windows. 10 updates and patch pushes.

According to a report released in early January by Netmarketshare, a market research firm, Windows 10 system market share reached 54.62 percent in December 2019, while Windows 7 came in second with 26.64 percent. You can see that the proportion of Windows 7 users is still very large, because of the stability and ease of use of Windows 7, many people have been choosing Windows 7 as the operating system of personal computers, even if Microsoft finds ways to induce users to upgrade to the new Windows 10 operating system, But most users remain unmoved.

Looking back, Windows 7 has been in service for 10 years.

As a veteran PC who has completely experienced the life cycle of Windows XP and Windows 7, it seems that it’s not long before you say goodbye to Windows 7 so quickly and then (cover your face and cry).

Microsoft Windows 7 officially retired: the feeling is priceless, but please look to the future

Windows 7 is actually the operating system released in 2009, 11 years ago, the old man. Just as XP systems are slowly disappearing into people’s eyes, it’s only a matter of time before Windows 7 retires.

From many events, windows 7 is no longer a good fit for the preferred operating system, such as the 2017 Bitcoin ransomware virus incident, most of the infected computers are Windows 7 system, many pirated Windows 7 users do not know what the update patch is. So the impact is more serious, and Windows 10 in frequent updates have been quietly updated patches, effectively avoiding large-scale damage to Windows 10 users.

Amway Windows 10: Not as hard as you think, and supports a lot of new features

Windows 10, Microsoft’s current operating system, has a number of excellent new features, such as

1, the special optimization of multi-threaded, the current processor you buy 6 core, more than 12 core 16 core, Windows 7 call efficiency is too low;

2, interface optimization more flat and more beautiful, more in line with the current mainstream aesthetic, tile start menu faster;

3, the new addition of Microsoft voice assistant “Little Na” to help search, the touch screen optimization and tablet mode, cold start speed faster than Windows 7 and so on these advantages.

4, in terms of game performance, support the latest graphics API DirectX 12 (DX12), Windows 7 only support DX11, DX11 performance is obviously not enough to meet the introduction of new games and new graphics cards. Coupled with the fact that most of the drivers of major graphics board manufacturers are optimized for Windows 10, some graphics cards have stopped rolling out Windows 7 drivers.

There are a whole bunch of benefits that can’t be all listed. So most users actively upgrade the Windows 10 system, after a short period of time can not go back, the future belongs to Windows 10, you also it is time to fully combat Windows 10.

My First Experience of Windows 10:

As a toss-up tech man, I’ve been using Windows 10 for a long time, and i don’t think that feels bad about Win8, and Windows 10 got a good reputation soon after its launch, compared to Windows 7, Windows 10’s flat UI design and centralized optimization and integration of features make me think Windows 10 is the future-oriented, desktop and mobile PC operating system.

One reason more people are still reluctant to upgrade Windows 10 may be that most people’s impression is still stuck with the compatibility and stability issues that followed the launch of Windows 10, which has led many users to back down.

In addition, they also feel that Windows 7 learning costs are low, for users who are not familiar with the computer to operate easier, for a variety of uncommon professional software compatibility is better, stable and easy to use the use of the impression deeply engraved in the user’s mind, so many people in the early days of Windows 10 after hearing about poor compatibility of Windows 10, then no Windows 10 operating system as an upgrade option. But in fact, as long as you give a little try, you know that it’s the wrong inherent impression, and soon you’ll like/get used to this Windows 10.

So, whether it’s security or other good reasons for Windows 10, I would also recommend you immediately upgrade to Windows 10, anyway, sooner or later you have to learn to use the new system, it is better to start today.

Finally, let’s remember Windows 7 and let it go at this retirement point, and give you to Windows 10 with peace of mind.