Microsoft Windows 7 shutdown, nearly 500 million people still “dead”

The era of Windows 7 is over. Today, Microsoft officially stopped updating and maintaining Windows 7 systems. After the service is stopped, Microsoft will no longer have relevant technical support, software updates, or program fixes for Windows 7, and if users continue to use it, the security of the computer will be compromised. In other words, Windows 7 can continue to be used, only to become an “orphan.” In fact, Microsoft officially announced the news in March to give users time to consider and choose.

However, Windows 7, an operating system that has been around for a decade, still has a large user base. In December 2019, Windows 10 system market share reached 54.62 percent, while Windows 7 came in second with 26.64 percent, according to a report by Netmarketshare, a market research firm.

At home, this segment is particularly large, with more than 57 percent of users still using Windows 7 as of October 2019.

So, with the official shutdown of Windows 7, how do these people choose? Why can’t anyone accept the changes made by Windows 10?

“Official lying, I’m always using the antivirus software I’ve installed.”

Windows 7 was born in 2009, and on January 14, 2015, Microsoft stopped mainstream support for Windows 7 and stopped adding new features. In July of the same year, Windows 10 went on the market, and Microsoft has been trying to persuade users to upgrade the system, but many are used to Windows 7 or even Windows XP.

Mr. Adan, who works in third- and fourth-tier cities, says he has spent seven years with Windows 7 and has no plans to upgrade Windows 10, even if the risk of attack increases after official maintenance stops.

“I’m also worried about (the attack), the things in the computer can’t be lost, some photo files or something is more important. But he then said, “The authorities stopped serving, and i installed anti-virus software.” Windows 7 works well and doesn’t consider Windows 10. “

It is reported that some of the current domestic computer butlers, anti-virus software has built-in Win 7 special protection program, anti-vulnerability attacks and weak password blasting, etc. , the future of emerging high-risk vulnerabilities to provide hot patch programs in a timely manner.

Google has also promised users at least 18 months of maintenance for Chrome on Windows 7.

Although Windows 7 has been declared “retired” by Microsoft, it is still the favorite operating system for some older users.

Speaking about why he doesn’t like Windows 10, Adan said it took a few days when Windows 10 first came out, but at that time it wasn’t even able to hit lol and didn’t like the interface design. “Besides, computers don’t play games anymore. As long as I can meet my daily work. “

Windows 7 automatic updates on a computer are turned off, he says, and he has been forced to upgrade before, preferring to have computers under his own control.

“I didn’t work hard to learn those new things, i just put a word on the net, enough.” “

This is probably part of the voice that only uses Windows. Some argue that Windows, as a popular operating system, is still dominated by regular users, not a handful of geeks.

Some of these users don’t turn on automatic updates for Windows 7, in which case official stop support for Windows 7 is not too much of a perception for them because some of them have long since stopped updating themselves. So even if Windows 10 adds new features, more compatible and secure, it doesn’t have much to do with this part of the user, they just use a small part of all the features of Windows, and there are anti-virus software and guardians to help, and don’t want to pay the cost of learning.

However, many people talk about their reluctance, but the wave of technology rolling forward, the next second is not necessarily a “genuine” warning. When Windows XP stopped serving in 2015, many people were reluctant to upgrade Windows 7.

Today, like Windows XP, Windows 7 has evolved over time into one of the users’ favorite Windows. Is Windows 10 far away?

“To say win 10 is not to learn something new, to have Win 20 I immediately change”

Some people are reluctant to upgrade Windows 10 because of their feelings and usage habits, but Anan, who is a tech house, sneers that most people keep Windows 7 and don’t want to upgrade Windows 10 as old-fashioned.

“To say that Windows 10 is not good, is not want to learn new things, adapt to change sin, Windows 10 has a professional team in maintenance, there is Microsoft’s game ecology on top, the new office software compatibility is better. If now there’s Windows 20 I’ll change it. “

In Anan’s view, the exit of Windows 7 is a normal iteration, a system for ten years, many old protocols, is no longer suitable for the current industrial chain hardware and applications. ” (Microsoft) has been supporting Windows 7 for so long, it’s very conscientious. “

He says Windows 7 will only get harder and harder to use, and Windows 10 will have a better experience, but it’s also more hardware-intensive, and many older PCs, such as processors and graphics cards from five years ago, are not fit for Windows 10.

Microsoft’s official advice for this is that the best way to stay safe is to use Windows 10. Using a new PC is the best way to experience Windows 10. Although Windows 10 can be installed on your old device, it is not recommended.

Gamer Li Lin upgraded Windows 10 a year ago after changing his computer. He said his most intuitive feeling is that Windows 10 has more software, modules on the game, the system is stable, but for different games need to be debugged, and Windows 7 does not need to be set up, but Windows 7 will collapse, not stable enough.

In fact, when Windows 10 first came on the market, it was not stable, leaving users with a bad first impression. Today, Windows 10 has undergone several iterations of the update and has made a number of core optimizations, such as addressing the synchronization of apps for different devices such as PCs, tablets, phones, Xbox Ones, etc., adding biometric unlocking capabilities, and being compatible with desktop and mobile.

Windows 10 has a long way to go

In fact, before this, Microsoft in order to let users upgrade to Windows 10 as soon as possible, spare no effort to do a lot of efforts to support all models free upgrade, even pirated Windows 7 system, can be upgraded to a genuine Windows 10 system.

Behind this, there are Microsoft’s commercial considerations, the overall strategic objectives of the promotion, but also the purpose of hard and soft ecological binding.

Microsoft is pushing Windows 10 into a new charging model, subscription charges, industry sources said. For example, Windows 10 Home Edition, you can pay monthly, 1088 yuan of permanent use price often let a lot of people, but monthly installments may be more acceptable.

Microsoft has also revealed that it will offer a special version of the Win 10 in the future, with more features than the Pro.

Currently, Office 365 is also a paid-for fee. Office office software has generated good revenue for Microsoft, especially after switching to subscription-paid payments. It’s likely that this will unfold on Windows 10. In addition, Windows 10 is the best partner for Office 365, providing a complete online co-working experience that increases productivity.

Earlier, in an interview with Sina Technology, Shen Bin, vice president of Greater China in Microsoft’s consumer and equipment division, said that many new technologies, such as 5G, intelligent computing and other new technologies, require the operating system. There is greater support for edge operating systems in particular.

“I think Microsoft,” says Windows 7 to Windows 10. “

Shen Bin pointed out that Windows 10 has many good performance and technology, such as battery life, security, stability, are to really provide good support for edge computing, to help many IT departments to better enterprise management.

Windows 10 also carries Microsoft in the cloud computing, Internet of Things exploration, today’s new technology rapid development node, for Microsoft, focus on supporting, optimizing a core version, but also its market survival strategy.


Incorruptible old man, can you still eat?

Technology upgrades and changes are inevitable, and the shutdown of Windows 7 may be the best time for Windows 10. But how to make users more willing to accept and transfer is a challenge for Microsoft.

While domestic users are willing to pay for video site memberships, music software, etc., it is unclear whether they will be willing to give up free, already habitable Windows 7 and upgrade to Windows 10, which is complex and may pay in the future.

With Windows 10’s domestic market share only surpassing Windows 7’s in 2019, It may take some time for Windows 10 to reap the hearts of more than half of its domestic users.