“Flying Ass” Airlander 10 Mass Edition Released: Smoother, More Energy Efficient

According tomedia reports, since its birth in 2010, the Airlander 10 airship has received a lot of attention, when it was specially developed for the U.S. Army, but now it is about to launch a civilian version, recently, about the airship plans for a mass production release. Compared to the current prototype, the new version will have a smoother, more aerodynamic hull design.

This design update is based on wind tunnel testing, computer modeling, and data collected during a prototype test flight.

In addition, the cabin will be more aerodynamic and will become longer. The latter is possible because of the adjustment of some components, such as the fuel module currently hanging under the hull will be moved to the hull in the future. It is reported that the current cabin is 46 meters long and 6 meters wide. In this configuration, the floor area is 195 square metres, which does not include the flight deck.

Hybrid Air Vehicles, the British company responsible for building the flight equipment, has previously posted a sgraphic set of photos showing its luxury travel cabins.

Current Airlander 10 prototype airship

Overall, the mass-produced Airlander 10 will be 5% longer than the prototype. But Hybrid Air says it should be more energy efficient than the original, making it 75 percent less e.m. than comparable aircraft.

In addition, it should be easier to maintain and operate at less cost. What’s more, the company is still building a purely electric propulsion system.

Mass-produced Airlander 10 will have retractable landing gear

The Airlander 10 prototype is currently the world’s largest aircraft, powered by four 325-horsepower turbo diesel engines that take off with aerodynamic lift, as do conventional fixed-wing aircraft, and helium is suspended in the air. In addition, it can carry payloads of up to 10,000 kg, allow crews to stay in the air for five days without having to build runways specifically for them.