“Grand Theft Auto 4” Steam version of the reason for the suspension of sales because Microsoft stopped supporting GFWL

We’ve previously reported that the Steam version of Grand Theft Auto 4 has suddenly stopped selling for unknown reasons, which has led many players to speculate about why. Now R Star has officially released a statement explaining the suspension of Grand Theft Auto 4 on Steam.

According tomedia reports, R Star issued a statement explaining the reason steam version of Grand Theft Auto 4: “Grand Theft Auto 4” used The Games for Live online service, but now Microsoft has officially stopped supporting Games for Live, so it can no longer generate the key required for the existing version. The R-Star can’t continue selling Grand Theft Auto 4.

“We are looking for other ways to continue selling Grand Theft Auto 4 on the PC platform and we will announce it as soon as possible,” He said. “

It’s unclear whether R Stars is removing Games for Live from the game and replacing it with Rockstar Launcher. Will R Star release a new update to remove Games for Live from an existing version of GTA4? So players will have to wait patiently for R Star to find a solution and expect Steam to resume sales of Grand Theft Auto 4 as soon as possible.