Microsoft CEO backs Apple: Insisting encryption is a ‘bad idea’

Beijing time on January 14 morning news, according tomedia reports, apple is currently preparing for another device encryption war, at this time, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on the issue of device encryption, put forward their views. In an interview with reporters in New York on Monday, Mr. Nadella reiterated the company’s opposition to encrypted backdoors, but also expressed tentative support for future legal and technical solutions.

Microsoft CEO backs Apple: Insisting encryption is a 'bad idea'

“I’m sure the back door is a bad idea, it’s not the solution,” Nadella said. We’ve always been concerned about two things: privacy and national security. We need some legal and technical solutions to make both of these priorities. “

Nadella expressed his support for the key hosting system, which has previously been proposed by researchers.

For the first time since the 2016 San Bernardino shootings, Apple’s encryption system has been at the center of controversy. The shooting sparked a series of fierce legal battles that investigators hope will force Apple to unlock the suspect’s phone. The legal dispute ended in deadlock, but many believe the recent shooting at the Pensacola naval base is likely to lead to another legal battle.

The suspect in the shooting, a Saudi who was training in flights in the U.S. Navy, has been classified as a terrorist act by the FBI and has led to the disqualification of 21 other Saudi-trained personnel. The two phones linked to the attackers are still encrypted and investigators cannot access the data.

Nadella did not simply say that companies should not provide data to investigators in such cases, saying: “We cannot take a hard line on all fronts.” If they asked me to provide the back door, I would say no. I hope that in our democracy, these are things that can be done through legislation to get solutions. “

In the 2016 shootings, Microsoft has been more hawkish. At the time, Microsoft said it “wholeheartedly” supported Apple’s position and joined Apple in opposing a bill to push for encryption of devices after the trial.