CBS releases preview of Stephen Colbert’s animated news series

Ciacom CBS has just released a new animated trailer for a new series of executive films by Steven Colbert, giving fans of “The Buckle Bear Report” and “The Late Show” a special gift. Thanks to the development of computer animation technology, the “Tooning Out the News” programme will continue to be based on current events, despite the use of animation. Unsurprisingly, CBS’s own All Access will be the home of the new series.

CBS releases preview of Stephen Colbert's animated news series

(Photo from: CBS, via Slash Gear)

“Tooning Out The News” will include a weekly episode and daily news clips, all of which can be on demand on CBS All Access.

The show will still feature guests from the real world (expected to be animated) and animators, covering the daily news and variety of tunes, making it an important comedy series.

Tooning Out The News – New Series ‘News

In the trailer shared by CBS, you can see the types of news topics the show focuses on, including Trump, climate change, the U.S.-Mexico border crisis, and more.

Hosted by James Smartwood, the series sats out hot topics such as “Virtue Signal,” “Inside The Hill” and “Hot Take.”

CBS releases preview of Stephen Colbert's animated news series

Another real-world Bernie Sanders points to a real-life scene in a room, but a colorful animation bubble pops up in front of him.

Currently, CBS All Access offers two subscription models, with an ad subsidy of $5.99 (41 RMB) a month and $9.99 (69 RMB) for commercial-free advertising.

Unfortunately, while there are more and more original shows on the All Access platform, Viacom CBS has yet to disclose the timing of the launch of “Tooning Out The News.”