U.S. Network Celebrities Form A Strategy: The Family Mobilization of top-streaming tv contestants

BEIJING, Jan. 14 (Xinhua) — Do you like LeBron James, a famous player for the Los Angeles Lakers, the NBA team, or Tfue? Nine-year-old Guy Dadon gave a different answer. Mom had just uttered the word “Loeb” and was interrupted by Dayton, “Tfue.” It left mom with a look on her face, “Who’s Tfue?”

U.S. Network Celebrities Form A Strategy: The Family Mobilization of top-streaming tv contestants

Tfue, host of the US network celebrity game

Given James’s popularity, mom’s circle is understandable.

But in the younger age group, a new type of star is more appealing, and Turner Tenney, affectionately known to his fans as Tfue, is undoubtedly the best of the gamer and anchor on Twitch.

Tfue, 22, is one of the best players to play on Fortnite. In the eyes of fans, his excellent game skills and arrogant attitude have become an advantage, making him one of the most popular online celebrities.

Tfue’s video has been viewed 1.3 billion times and has earned more than $600,000 in prize money, bringing in six-figure revenue for major gaming companies. Tfue’s personal wealth is estimated to be in the seven-figure range, and while it’s not worth it compared to a star like James, it’s still shocking for a general public who never thought playing games would be a career. Tfue’s peers have also signed sponsorship contracts and even have an exclusive cooperation agreement with a video platform that could generate revenues of up to eight figures.

Tfue’s influence is not limited to the Internet. He sued a competition agency last year that helped it smoke powder, saying the contract was unfair and sparked a nationwide debate about the emerging career fairness business agreement for online celebrities. Tfue’s family is also keen to set up a special agency in Florida to help online celebrities build images and pollinators, which will help reshape the future of the anchor’s career.

The e-sports host culture is not a new phenomenon. However, for those who are not used to watching hours of live programming on Twitch, YouTube or Mixer, preferring to entertain in front of TV or in cinemas, it’s easy to overlook the anchors.

For those who don’t often go online, the importance of Tfue in the ever-changing entertainment industry remains a mystery. But in the younger crowd, Tfue’s fame is not lost, or even surpassed by many stars, although his costumes are at odds with superstars such as James.

Sitting on the roof of the house where he lived as a child, Tfue told The Washington Post, “Gamers, TV anchors, social networking celebrities, i can label myself a lot different, and I’m still who I am.”

Star anchorstarts start from here

U.S. Network Celebrities Form A Strategy: The Family Mobilization of top-streaming tv contestants

Tfue’s father was standing on the head of a school bus.

Tfue’s home in Indian Salt Beach, Florida, is the only thing that might attract attention in this sea-side bungalow is a police car and a 20-foot (6.1-meter) plastic dolphin parked in a nearby parking lot.

Tfue walked out of the room just hours before the $187,000 Fortnite race. He was wearing a T-shirt, a pair of Gucci characters on his feet, his hands wearing a diamond ring, smiling at his father.

He said to his father, “Who arranged this interview?” “。 His father was A PR consultant for Tfue.

Tfue’s death is a serious sign of his rapport with his family and the importance they have to his online celebrity life.

Tfue is the name of his own free-for-all. Tfue’s parents divorced as a child. Asked about his experience, Tfue said, “The experience of studying?” I only had a week in high school, the school was so bad that I dropped out of school. I’ve never really been to school, and technically I was educated at home. ”

The father said the 1988 school shooting in Winnica, Illinois, made him very worried about the safety of his children, “the 14-year-old’s young son used online education software to teach himself.” Of his children, only Alex, the eldest one, received formal schooling. Tfue’s brother Jack, 25, also has millions of followers on Youtube.

The father added that “the sea is their school, they learn to focus” and that the children worked very hard from an early age, selling TV antennas at flea markets.

U.S. Network Celebrities Form A Strategy: The Family Mobilization of top-streaming tv contestants

Fans stand in the street hoping to catch a glimpse of Tfue and his brother

At an older age, Tfue and his brothers had two unique hobbies: filmmaking and sports, “any crazy thing I like.” Tfue has been a great skateboarder in surfing.

“Turner and Jack could have been professional surfers, ” his father said. ”

Turner and Jack benefited greatly from their father and their support, and when Jack was 12 and Turner was 8, the two began filming. With the popularity of online video, the experience gave them an advantage. Turner often plays roles in his brother’s videos.

“I was shocked by the audience of the first video than anyone I knew, and that was the beginning of my career,” Jack said. ”

“I don’t have many friends, mainly out with my brother and his friends,” Mr Turner said. ”

Jack wasn’t surprised by his brother’s success, “He’s always going to explode, and we’re just curious when, how, or why Turner broke out.” ”

With new media, online celebrities get far more exposure than previous stars. For example, for favorite movie stars, movie buffs can see them on screen or interview programs for just a few hours a year, and Tfue spends more exposure a day than they do, typically from noon to 9 p.m. Tfue’s fans are growing, especially among middle school students.

U.S. Network Celebrities Form A Strategy: The Family Mobilization of top-streaming tv contestants

Children take pictures in front of a bus linked to Tfue

In a YouTube video, Tfue goes to the store and several children point to him and shout “Tfue.” On the day of the Fortnite race, Jack and his friends were driving the Fortress Night bus in the parade, and many children ran to the bus – some dragging their parents, hoping to see Tfue – training at home.

Despite the “hot and cold” popularity in his hometown, Tfue and his fellow anchors are still well known. While in most things the e-sports and video anchors can learn from their predecessors, tfue needs to keep learning to sell because there are no mature rules.

Disputes with peers and owners

Last month, the blond Jack was watching TV, which showed comedy star Kevin Hart’s interview with game host Tyler Blevins. The father shrugged off the show, saying Tfue should have been given the same opportunity – by ESPN Magazine, on the talk show Ellen and on a high-paid sponsorship deal.

Blevins is also the first big-name anchor to sign an exclusive deal, leaving Twitch last year to switch from Microsoft’s Mixer platform. Many other high-profile game anchors have also signed up with Mixer, some with YouTube, Facebook Gaming or Caffeine. Tfue remained at Twitch, and after Blevins left, he became the most-fan-hoston on the platform, but did not sign an exclusive agreement.

“We turned down some agreements, and Turner focused on hosting,” the father said of a possible exclusive hosting agreement. ”

Tfue and Blevins knew each other, but were not friends. “He didn’t like me very much, so I didn’t talk much to him,” Tfue said. ”

U.S. Network Celebrities Form A Strategy: The Family Mobilization of top-streaming tv contestants

Tfue is preparing for the live broadcast.

Although both are super-network celebrities, there are some key differences between the two. Tfue is more like the Rolling Stones than the more corporate-sanctioned Blevins, and the former more like the Beatles.

“I’m more of a black warrior, Blevins is more like a Skywalker and more popular with children,” Tfue said. ”

But that didn’t affect Tfue’s ability to draw money. In September 2019, he signed an agreement with The Electric Toret to play the Madden series live for $140,000.

According to his father, Tfue does not have a sponsor and has taken a different path.

“I like to be who I am and don’t want to imitate others, even if it means getting more sponsorship sons and different shows,” Tfue says. People who are willing to cooperate with me will still cooperate with me. ”

One of the first institutions willing to work with Tfue was FaZe Clan. After signing with FaZe Clan, Tfue’s path to fame began in late spring 2018. Tfue will sign With EZe Clan, calling it a “dream come true.” According to Social Blade, Tfue’s viewing started to reach six figures, or more, and its fans on YouTube and Twitch grew rapidly. He came to Los Angeles and lived in a mansion in the Hollywood Hills that FaZe Clan had provided. In the summer of that year, he had a great success, and the number of viewers had grown exponentially.

Tfue attributed his success to a number of factors, including his victory over the highly regarded Blevins in “Night of the Fort” and praise from well-known gamers Dakota and Dr Lupo, who have a large following. It is worth noting that FaZe Clan is not in Tfue’s “Thank you list”.

Tfue’s relationship has come under scrutiny since he tore up an agreement with FaZe Clan last May. Tfue says FaZe Clan is insatiable and spends 80 percent of its sponsorship money. Tfue’s and FaZe Clan’s tear-up has sparked an industry dispute over the anchor’s fair contract. As with the legal dispute, the dispute has not been over, but Tfue still works with some members of FaZe Clan.

FaZe Clan says it made only $60,000 from Tfue, which Tfue apparently was critical of, “I know it made a lot of money from me.” ”

Another reason for the fight with FaZe Clan, says Tfue, is to help other players with lesser visibility fight for more rights. He also wants to be better able to focus on improving his game skills.

Some of Tfue’s words and actions have also caused controversy. He was suspended twice by Twitch, once for using “coon” – a term that discriminates against black people – in live broadcasts. Tfue defended himself in an online video, saying that the “coon” he used in the live broadcast referred to a raccoon because his opponent’s avatar and behavior were more like raccoons. The reason for his other suspension by Twitch was not disclosed. Epic Games, the publisher of Fortnite, has also punished Tfue for violating end-user agreements related to the sale of licensed merchandise.

In a video posted on Twitch, he apologizes for his inappropriate behavior. In a separate video, he says he was punished by Epic Games for his own reasons: “Obviously, in some cases, some of my comments were stupid, even though they were misinterpreted.”

Founded Tfue Studios, Teaches Users To Pollify

U.S. Network Celebrities Form A Strategy: The Family Mobilization of top-streaming tv contestants

Tfue buys a warehouse and plans to set up a studio

Despite the pending dispute with FaZe Clan, Tfue’s career looks set to take a new step. His family is planning to set up a studio that will cover live games and more, and Tfue and Jack will create content and teach users how to “play a weird upgrade.”

To that end, Tfue purchased a 16,000-square-foot (1,487-square-meter) warehouse. Tfue also bought his own home in Indian Salt Beach.

Outside the warehouse, there are models of the House of Spongebob, a destroyed car and a blue bus, Tfue’s first car.

Part of the goal of the Tfue family is to create new game or live training institutions that teach qualified people how to raise powder. It also develops web-based courses.

In china, there are also many training courses, teaching users how to shake the sound, fast hand and other platforms to smoke powder, but the price is not expensive, and the effect is not guaranteed. A reporter from the South China Morning Post reported a training course in Shenzhen, charging up to 8,000 yuan for two days.

In many ways, Tfue pioneered this culture and expectations for game stars: playing indoors most of the day, but still having anxiety and enjoying surfing, fishing, flying saucer shooting and more.

But Tfue says he doesn’t want to be a “houseboy” and wants to “get gamers out of the house.”

U.S. Network Celebrities Form A Strategy: The Family Mobilization of top-streaming tv contestants

Tfue kneels on the ground to repair the computer hard drive.

Tfue was in crisis on the morning of a “Fortress Night” event. A few hours before the game began, his computer malfunctioned. He knelt on the ground, fiddling with a hard drive, hoping to get the system back to normal.

Tfue said his team finished seventh in the race, with $5,625 per player, a disappointing ranking and revenue. (Author/Frost Leaf)