AMD TRX80/WRX80, Intel LGA1159 Interface: No

Processor and motherboard change interface, socket is the vast majority of users are very tired of things, which means that the entire platform to change, but also lost upgrade and compatibility. For example, AMD’s third-generation thread tearer platform interface was changed from TR4 to TRX4, the motherboard was replaced by the X299 to the TRX40, Intel’s 10th-generation desktop Core interface was about to change from LGA1151 to LGA1200, and the motherboard was replaced from the 300 series to the 400 series.

AMD TRX80/WRX80, Intel LGA1159 Interface: No

But earlier exposure of AMD registration information shows that the third generation tearers appear to have two other interfaces, the TRX80 and the WRX80, which look like they’re aimed at workstations, and intel tenth-generation desktop Core, which also has an interface, the LGA1159.

If so, AMD a set of platform three interfaces, Intel a set of platform two interfaces, this is to make a fuss?

Fortunately, it’s not so messy.

AnandTech reached out to a number of reliable industry insiders during CES 2020 to verify the authenticity of the TRX80, WRX80, LGA1159, and the informants were surprised to hear the gossip directly from, because they had never heard of the names. The road map in hand is not visible at all.

It was further revealed that comet Lake-S tenth-generation desktop Core during testing, Intel once gave the LGA1151 package six core, because it is not different in nature and the current eight generations, nine generations, do not need to change the package, but the post-test ten core model did replace the LGA1200, Interface layout and walk-through lines really changed, and in order to unify the platform, Intel made the entire ten generations into the LGA1200.

The early LGA 1151 version of the ten generation six core had spy release, probably because this led to the existence of two interface rumors, but the LGA 1159 figure who made up the figure can not be verified.

As for the AMD TRX80, WRX80, it has indeed appeared in the registration file, may be reserved for future products.

In short, for the foreseeable future, there will be no AMD TRX80, WRX80, and no Intel LGA1159.