Tesla’s German plant protests over deforestation

Tesla’s plans to build a superfactory 4 in Germany have met with some opposition, according tomedia, because Tesla needs to cut down large numbers of trees near Berlin in order to build a plant there. Local residents protested the company’s deforestation at the construction site of Super Factory 4. Last year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed that Tesla would build a superfactory 4 in the “Berlin area.”

Tesla's German plant protests over deforestation

Photo: Tesla.com

The project is located on a 300-hectare plot of land next to the GVZ Berlin-Ost Freienbrink industrial park, which Tesla is trying to buy with 40 million euros.

Musk has previously said that the German Super Factory 4 will produce “batteries, powertrains and vehicles, the first of which will be model Y”. To build, Tesla will need to cut down a lot of trees. The company is expected to begin the logging process soon and complete it by the end of February.

Although Tesla has promised to plant trees three times the size of the felled area, the deforestation remains controversial because of the diversity of ecosystems. Previous reports said the forest was home to many animals, including an endangered bat that Tesla had to move.

As a result, opposition to Tesla’s move is growing. German media reported that about 50 people gathered at the super factory 4 construction site to protest. Demonstrators in yellow safety vests criticized public participation in the matter and called for the forest to be preserved. There are also concerns that deforestation could put drinking water supplies at risk.

Members of the Nature Conservancy, the branch of F?rstenwald, participated in the protest and said more people would be involved. “I think every citizen has their own opinion,” says Nadine Rothmaier, a member of NABU. For some people, the most important thing is nature, forest or people. The factory will emit pollutants that will pollute the area. But she didn’t produce any evidence that the new plant might emit pollutants.

If production is to start as planned in July 2021, Tesla will need to begin construction in the coming months.