Amazon to propose restraining order to block Microsoft’s $10 billion contract with Defense Department

BEIJING, Jan. 14 (Reuters) – Amazon intends to ask a judge to temporarily bar Microsoft from fulfilling a $10 billion cloud service contract with the Pentagon, according to a court filing, Reuters reported. Amazon, which was a competitor to the contract, plans to apply for a temporary restraining order on January 24th, while the Federal Court will issue its decision on February 11. Amazon believes US President Donald Trump’s “undue pressure” and bias eventually led the US Department of Defense to award Microsoft a contract for the Joint Defence Foundation Cloud Facility (JEDI).

Amazon to propose restraining order to block Microsoft's $10 billion contract with Defense Department

The Ministry of Defence, for its part, has not wavered in its previous decision. Minister Mark Esper denied any bias claims and stressed that decision-making was fair and impartial and was not subject to any external influence.

The JEDI contract is part of the Pentagon’s extensive digital modernization program and aims to give the Defense Department more technical flexibility. Specifically, JEDI’s goal is to help the military better access data and cloud facilities on the battlefield and other remote locations.

Microsoft has yet to comment on Amazon’s plans. Amazon did not respond to a request for comment. The Ministry of Defence also had no information.