OmniVision announces production of 64-megapixel CIS sensors this year

Smartphone photo pixels will continue to rise, 48 million and above high pixels will gradually become popular. OmniVision recently unveiled a 48-megapixel OV48C sensor at ceys i.e. 1/1.3-inch base and 1.2um pixel smaller than the current 0.8um Sony/Samsung 64-megapixel sensor.

OmniVision announces production of 64-megapixel CIS sensors this year

After 48 megapixels, OmniVision will also launch more advanced products. Wu Xiaodong, global vice president of OmniVision Technologies, said in an interview that OmniVision will produce a new generation of CIS sensors of 64 megapixels this year, though he did not give a specific time frame.

In addition, Wu Xiaodong also said to shorten the gap with international manufacturers as soon as possible, he said that before the gap between OmniVision and (Sony Samsung) in about a year, last year is half a year behind, this year’s goal is to be able to level, next year is 2021 to achieve the lead.

With the smartphone’s top pixel spree now at 108 million, after Samsung’s HMX sensors do, will However, surpass Sony Samsung, and in 2021 will it be a 200 million-pixel sensor?

OmniVision is the world’s third-leading CIS sensor company, with Sony leading the world in 2018 with 50.1 percent, Samsung with 20.5 percent and OmniVision third with 11.5 percent, according to iHSMarket.

Founded in the U.S. in 1995, OmniVision was acquired in 2015 by a consortium of Citic Capital, Beijing Qingxin Huatron and Jinshi Investment, which was eventually privatized as a subsidiary of Beijing OmniVision in 2016 and eventually acquired by Willsemi in May 2018 for $15.3 billion.