Apple Watch warns YouTube blogger sidonted with heart beats

Joel Telling, host of The YouTube channel 3D Printing Nerd, went to the emergency room after his Apple Watch Series 4 alerted him that his heart rate had picked up, and that Telling did not exercise when the anomaly occurred,media reported. “Last night was very interesting. Because the heart beats too fast – the pulse is over 120bpm , I’m in the ER (emergency room) right now. Heart monitoring is interesting. He tweeted.

Apple Watch warns YouTube blogger sidonted with heart beats

This isn’t the first time the Apple Watch has detected an abnormal heart rate and alerted the wearer. In February 2019, a nurse was taken to hospital by a colleague after receiving such an alert. In March 2019, a man was warned of a heart beat and he went to hospital for treatment.

Joel Telling finally learned the cause after several hours of examination.

“Thankfully, the test sat out no pulmonary embolism and no irregular electrocardiogram activity. This is most likely due to stress and dehydration during recent travel. Very grateful to hear this news, because the pulse drops after the infusion. “

“If you get anything from it, it’s about your health and any warning signs,” he concludes. “