Liu Zuohu evaluation folding screen mobile phone: not good enough

Last week OnePlus launched its first concept machine, the Concept One, in Las Vegas. OnePlus founder and CEO Liu Zuohu was interviewed by The Verge. At present, folding screen mobile phone has become a focus of industry attention, for folding screen mobile phones, Liu Zuhu said in an interview, OnePlus studied folding-screen mobile phones, but we found that folding-screen phones are not good enough.

Liu Zuhu explained that the current folding screen phone brought advantages can not reduce its shortcomings or disadvantages. For example, folding mobile phone crease problem, because the technology has not yet fully matured, folding screen mobile phone crease has not been completely eliminated. There is also the stability of the folding screen, because the screen material is plastic, folding screen is not as durable as glass.

Liu stressed that If the folding screen can bring interactive or experience improvement to the user and do not have the above problems, OnePlus will consider introducing a folding screen phone.

Industry insiders said that the current enterprise layout folding screen, more meaning is “occupying”, before the outbreak of the industry to seize the main position in the market, in order to prevent the next shuffle in the fall.

However, in the product form needs to be continuously adjusted, folding screen capacity and technology has not yet been fully in place, coupled with the real consumer demand is not yet clear background, folding screen mobile phone initial demand will not be too high.

Liu Zuohu evaluation folding screen mobile phone: not good enough