Satya explains why Microsoft won JEDI contract: Azure’s leadership in hybrid platform functionality

In October 2019, the U.S. Department of Defense announced that Microsoft would receive a 10-year joint enterprise defense infrastructure contract (JEDI) worth up to $10 billion if all options were implemented,media reported. Most people in the industry were surprised by the announcement because most of them thought Amazon would win the JEDI contract. Unsurprisingly, Amazon is unhappy with the Defense Department’s decision and plans to sue it.

Satya explains why Microsoft won JEDI contract: Azure's leadership in hybrid platform functionality

Amazon filed the lawsuit in federal court in the hope of temporarily organizing Microsoft’s involvement in the JEDI contract.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella explained to the media at an event in New York why the company won the contract in response to the Defense Department’s controversial decision. According to the CEO, Azure’s leadership in hybrid platform capabilities is the reason for its victory over Amazon.

“If you go back to the JEDI contract, you’ll see that it’s really like this. We’ll stay and say, ‘Look, agencies like the Department of Defense need to deploy ahead of time, not say, ‘Oh, this is the cloud.’ ‘We’ve just built a basic leadership position in what people call mixed computing. “

Nadella continued: “We are the only ones who are now able to allocate computing, analyzing and then maintaining management, security, and data consistency between the two sectors. “

Organizations can have many applications that typically run on different hardware across on-premises data centers and multiple clouds. Unlike AWS, Azure provides organizations with the unique flexibility to innovate anywhere in a hybrid environment while running seamlessly and securely.

He also noted that the hybrid platform capabilities currently available to Azure are the result of a decade of effort.

Microsoft, which filed the lawsuit against Amazon, said: “We believe the facts will prove that they (the Department of Defense) have conducted detailed, thorough and fair procedures to determine that Microsoft best meets the needs of its combatants.” “