The U.S. Navy recorded a UFO incident in 2004

Media reported that the U.S. Navy has a secret video of a UFO encounter. In response to the Freedom of Information Act, however, the Navy said it had classified documents related to the UFO encounter in 2004. In that incident, the pilot of the nimitz aircraft carrier saw a strange aerial object, but the Navy said the release of the material would jeopardize U.S. national security, Motherboard reported Friday.

The U.S. Navy recorded a UFO incident in 2004

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At the request of the Freedom of Information Act, the Navy confirmed that it had the data. After researcher Christian Lambright sent a FOIA request for more information about the incident, the Naval Intelligence Service (ONI) said:

The U.S. Navy recorded a UFO incident in 2004

“The agency has classified certain briefings as top secret because such material can cause unusual circumstances that would cause serious harm to U.S. national security.” The Navy also stated that onI videos were classified as top-secret.

Glowing Auras and Black Money – The Pentagon’s Mysterious (via)

In December 2017, the New York Times published a one-minute video of the pilot’s encounter with a UFO. Several researchers speculated that the Navy should have a full original copy of the lens.

Official UAP Footage from the USG for Public Release (via)

Some witnesses to the incident said they had seen a longer, higher-resolution version, but others denied that such version existed. Luis Elizondo, a former Pentagon staffer, told Motherboard that people shouldn’t be surprised.

There was no immediate response from the Naval Intelligence Service.