Japan Launches Robot Baby: “Don’t Face” As Biggest Highlight

As we all know, Japan is now one of the world’s most aging countries, in order to make up for the emotional loss of empty nest elderly, baby robots were born. Japanese robotics company Vstone has unveiled a baby robot, Hiro-chan, designed to provide emotional connections to older people,media reported.


Strictly speaking above, Akwan is not a robot, because What Akwan wants to do is make a happy sound when a person holds it, and a sad voice when a person leaves it. The real person is impressive or the blank front face.

Of this, Vstone explains, “Akwan doesn’t have a face because the face may contradict the feature, and if you sew a happy face, it can be more creepy when it starts crying.” “

Interestingly, Vstone found in product testing that even though Akwan “didn’t” have a front face, it’s just as popular.