China Unicom and Volvo reach 5G cooperation to promote the development of V2X road

On the evening of January 15th, China Unicom and Volvo Cars signed a 5G strategic partnership. The two sides announced that they will work together on 5G to promote the development of V2X vehicle technology, research, development and testing 5G and the application of emerging V2X technology in the automotive industry, and jointly incubate commercial operations solutions.

China Unicom and Volvo reach 5G cooperation to promote the development of V2X road

Liang Baojun, vice-president of China Unicom, said 5G will fully enable the development of self-driving, through the construction of “people, cars, roads, networks, clouds” collaborative service system, improve the safety of driving, bring about a new business experience. We believe that China Unicom and Volvo Group complement each other’s strengths and jointly open up a commercial deployment route in line with China’s national conditions.

Henrik Green, Chief Technology Officer, Volvo Cars Group, said Volvo Cars is committed to realizing the potential of workshop connectivity and advancing new and connected features and services for cars. 5G technology will dramatically improve network performance and enable more critical real-time services to help drivers have a safer, smoother, and more enjoyable driving experience. Volvo Cars looks forward to working with China Unicom to develop these services for the Chinese market.

According to reports, China Unicom and Volvo Cars will jointly carry out research on the application of 5G technology in the field of automotive and infrastructure communications to explore their potential in various aspects of safety, sustainable development, customer convenience and autonomous driving. For example, when a car encounters traffic problems such as road construction, traffic congestion, or accidents, it can take early action to avoid it by slowing down or changing direction. This helps to improve the traffic safety index of the occupants of the vehicle, and also avoids frequent parking and improves the efficient use of energy. Other scenarios include helping cars find parking more easily with traffic cameras, communicating with traffic lights to adjust to the best speed for true “green wave traffic”, making safe access to highways through workshop communication, and more.

China Unicom said that since 2009 in the field of vehicle networking strategic layout, has been more than 80 countries, domestic and foreign car factories to provide vehicle networking and related information services, serving various types of vehicles more than 60 million units.