Linux distribution developers rush Windows 7 stock users

Windows 7 was officially retired, some chose to stay on, some chose to upgrade Windows 10, and others took a different approach and switched to the Linux camp. The Canonical, which is behind Ubuntu, sent Rhys Davies, a product manager for the hardware group, to lobby those Windows 7 users to install the Ubuntu system.

The manager said windows 7 replacement Ubuntu does not require hardware upgrades, commonly used Chrome, Spotify, Blender, Skype and more have corresponding versions, users can seamlessly switch.

Not only that, but some South Korean companies that are working to compile Linux distributions have stepped up their campaigns.

Linux distribution developers rush Windows 7 stock users

Tmax, the company behind TMaxOS, says downloads of its own system have increased significantly in the two days since Windows 7 retired.

In fact, long before Windows 7 stopped, these system makers began lobbying South Korean government departments, scientific organizations, educational institutions, and so on to persuade them to switch to a lower-cost Linux distribution. Currently, TMaxOS has been deployed in Korea Post, Infrastructure Promotion Commission and other institutions;