Google Phone app ready to offer call recording

Google Phone, Google’s own phone-dial app, is pre-installed on Google’s Pixel family of smartphones, Android One smartphones and, more recently, Xiaomi smartphones, sold in Europe. When Xiaomi announced that all phones sold in Europe were pre-installed with Google Phone apps, some users were disappointed because it meant losing the phone recording feature, a feature in the MIUI dial-up program. Previously, Xiaomi promised that the feature would be re-available to users in 2020, and now XDA Hasta has dismantled the latest version of the Google Phone app, which they found provides code that supports phone recording.

APK disassembly can usually predict new features that may be included in app updates, but these features can be canceled by developers at any time. Google today offered Pixel 4 users the version number of the Google Phone app, and after the APK disassembled, XDA found that Google had added new layouts, icons and other content related to call recordings to its dialer app. The new string also shows that future versions will have a button to start a call recording.



“incall_content_description_record_checked” and “Recording”

Call recording is a feature that was available in previous Versions of Android 9 Pie. In Android 9 Pie, Google shut down the solution that developers use to record audio on the phone. Since Google has not provided a formal call recording API since the release of Android 6 Marshmallow, users have had to rely on the call recording feature spevened by OEMs in pre-installed dial-up programs.

So far, the Google Phone app doesn’t support call recording. While we know that Google is working to restore the call recording API in a future Version of Android, this means that users who are in desperate need of call recording have to look for other ways to get call recording features, including the Pixel series and Android One-series smartphones are rooted to install third-party related apps.

Google Phone app ready to offer call recording