U.S. lawmakers use Cellebrite tool to extract data from Lev Parnas’ iPhone to impeach Trump

Documents, including information extracted from an iPhone by Cellebrite, were released in support of the impeachment trial of Trump,media reported. In addition to the articles of impeachment, House Democrats have submitted a series of additional documents to the Senate. The “additional evidence” included notes and information taken from the iPhone of Rudy Giuliani, the president’s private lawyer.

The data is understood to have been obtained from Parnas’ iPhone through Cellebrite’s software. Cellebrite, an Israeli company, had previously helped the FBI hack a suspect’s cell phone. In the latest case, however, the data did not appear to have been forcibly extracted, as documents indicated that Parnas had agreed to cooperate with the investigation.

Cellebrite software is used to collect and organize conversations between Parnas through encrypted messaging apps, especially WhatsApp.

U.S. lawmakers use Cellebrite tool to extract data from Lev Parnas' iPhone to impeach Trump

“During the impeachment investigation, we issued subpoenas to Rudy Giuliani aides involved in the president’s plan,” said Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-California), Jerrold Nadler (Democrat of New York), Carolyn “Lev Parnas was one of them, and his response to the subpoena was to hand over a large number of documents that provided more information that forced Ukraine to help the president run for re-election,” Maloney (New York Democrat) and Eliot Engel (New York Democrat) wrote in a statement. “

Some of the data submitted on the two flash drives included a PDF report called “Parnas Excerpts Translated Slide Deck”, which included WhatsApp conversations recreated in a format used by Cellebrite software.

The screenshot slot slot slots on a total of 21 pages, most of which are edited and all marked as rough translations containing only Russian information.