True Wireless Headphones Market Data: Apple Takes 71% of Industry Revenue

Apple is now the leader in a recent study by Market Research Firm Analytics, in which manufacturers are starting a new round of killings in the real wireless headphone market. In 2019, Apple’s wireless headset product, AirPods, shipped nearly 60 million units, accounting for 71% of the real wireless headset market.

True Wireless Headphones Market Data: Apple Takes 71% of Industry Revenue

Revenue share of manufacturers in the true wireless headset market in 2019

True wireless headphones (TWS) refer to the headset itself and the phone through Bluetooth and other wireless connection, and the two headphones do not have a connection between the category. Apple isn’t the first of its kind, but with AirPods, real wireless headphones are becoming more popular on the market.

Late last year, Bloomberg predicted that AirPods shipments would double in 2019 from the year before. Now, The latest strategy Analytics report supports this huge growth forecast, with 60 million headsets shipped, accounting for 50 percent of the market’s shipments and 71 percent of revenue.

This is a bit like other Apple products, which may not be the largest in shipments (actually very large), but because of the higher unit price, it has a larger share of revenue.

True Wireless Headphones Market Data: Apple Takes 71% of Industry Revenue

2019 Real Wireless Secondary Market Shipments Accounted for

Even more frightening, Strategy Analytics believes that even if other manufacturers move into TWS wireless headphones, Apple will remain a leader in that area for the next five years.

Looking at data from other vendors, Xiaomi and Samsung each accounted for less than 10 percent of the market, second and third behind Apple. Then there’s Huawei, which is not easy for Chinese manufacturers who have entered the field late.

Strategy Analytics expects growth in the AirPods and Wireless headset sprees market to continue. Revenue sits at more than $100 billion by 2024. The new category of true wireless headphones is fast becoming a new source of revenue for many smartphone makers. In 2019 and beyond, Apple will see a significant increase in revenue from its non-iPhone business with the help of Beats and AirPods. Earlier, research firm Asymco published a study that cited Apple’s rough lying size of revenue for wearables, smart homes and other categories. According to their data, AirPods wireless headphones’ single-quarter revenue has reached $4 billion, comparable to the peak of the iPod player in 2007.