Windows 7 can still be upgraded to Windows 10 for free after support is stopped

On January 14, 2020, Microsoft announced that Windows 7, which has been with you for more than a decade, had officially ceased its support. Although users will still be able to run the system, they will no longer receive monthly update summaries, security updates, and emergency patches. This means that unless you are an enterprise user and choose to pay Microsoft for extended support, future security vulnerabilities affecting Windows 7 systems will not be fixed.

Windows 7 can still be upgraded to Windows 10 for free after support is stopped

Remember when Windows 10 was released to allow Windows 7 devices to upgrade for free? In fact, even pirate users can continue to use the policy for free upgrades after Windows 7 stops supporting it.

If you’re still running your already activated Windows 7 Home, Pro, or Ultimate, you can still upgrade to Windows 10 for free. A former Microsoft employee said the free upgrade was a marketing ploy by Microsoft and that Microsoft might not cancel the upgrade channel any time soon. This means that as long as you run an activated Windows 7 system, you don’t need to pay $120 to upgrade to Windows 10.

An engineer claiming to be Microsoft said on Reddit that Microsoft was clearly aware of the vulnerability, but that the company might not fix it because the free upgrade offered a marketing tool. The user, who claims to be a Microsoft employee, confirmed that there are ways to upgrade to Windows 10 for free. The employee added that Microsoft’s then executive vice president and head of Windows and Devices was more concerned with “upgrade statistics than licensing revenue.”

Windows 7 can still be upgraded to Windows 10 for free after support is stopped

Depending on the employee, you should select the “Keep Files” option in Media Creation Tool to perform a free Upgrade for Windows 10. If you have a clean installation before migrating to Windows 10, you may lose a free upgrade. Here’s how to do this

1. Download Media Creation Tool on Windows 7 and start it.

2. Accept Microsoft’s license terms.

3. Select Upgrade this PC now. Do not perform a clean installation.

4. Click Install and wait for the tool to process your selection.

5. After a few restarts, you will be in Windows 10 and can verify activation status from Settings, Update and Security, and Windows Activation.