YouTube push “profile card” feature: you can display a user’s comment stake

In September, YouTube began testing a new feature called profile cards that show users’ public information and comment history on the current channel,media reported. This feature is officially known as a way to more easily identify the channel’s biggest fan base. Now, YouTube is releasing the product to the public, and its latest debut is the Android platform, which will expand to other platforms in the future.

YouTube says it hopes the new feature will help users browse comments, connect with others and make YouTube more popular.

Users can view their profile card simply by clicking on the profile picture of anyone who is commenting. Here, information like their name, profile photo, subscription, subscription count, and recent comments appears in a pop-up card. While all of this information is publicly available on YouTube, profile cards integrate them into one place.

If you’ve subscribed to a reviewer’s channel, your profile card will indicate this, and if not, users will be asked to click on the red “Subscribe” link.

It should be noted that the displayed comment history is not a complete history of YouTube comments. Instead, when you click View the card, it only shows comments on the channel it’s viewing.

While YouTube promotes this feature as a way to connect with community members and identify the channel’s best reviewers, it may also help identify malicious squirts. For example, seeing a reviewer’s history on a channel can help the creator or moderator make a more informed decision about whether to hide future comments from a user or whether the user is trustworthy enough to gain a place in the Approved Users list

It is understood that when the feature went into testing last fall, the feedback was generally positive. In recent feedback, however, some users have asked to quit so that their comments don’t show up because they’re worried about out-of-context speech or privacy issues.