Apple TV Plus episode of “Servant” accused of copying 2013 film “The Truth about Emanuel”

According tomedia reports, Apple and Apple TV plus TV TV TV tv drama “Servant” producer M. Knight Shyamalan is accused of copying the 2013 film “The Truth about Emanuel.” The film’s director, Francesca Gregorini, says servant borrows her film plot and uses the same language to create a similar feeling, mood and theme.

Gregorini points out that, in addition to the parallel plot, “Servant” has a very similar resemblance to “The Truth about Emanuel”: characters, scenes, directorial choices and narrative patterns.

“The Truth about Emanuel,” which was released in 2013 and stars Kaya Scudario and Jessica Biel, tells the story of a 17-year-old nanny looking after a dead baby and turning a doll into a doll, much like the plot of “Servant.”

In addition to Shyamalan, the show’s producer, Tony Basgallop, and other producers have also been charged in the case. In response, Shyamalan said servant was in production before “The Truth about Emanuel” was released.

It is reported that “Servant” began on November 28 last year, the final episode of the first season will be broadcast on Friday, January 17. Apple has now renewed for a second season. Given that the show is still in production and the final episode has not yet aired, it is not yet known how similar it will be to the controversial film.