Not only can killing time “Guess My Word” guessing game can also give you frustration

Over the past few months, Ryan Jones’s Guess My Word guessing game has become quite popular. The way the game is played is simple, it’s a great way for people to spend their leisure time and develop patience, and to be able to run in a browser. The user simply guesses a particular word and the software tells you the correct answer. Of course, don’t assume that the difficulty of this game is only the second grade of primary school. After playing for a while, you may even be suspicious of life because of your lack of vocabulary.

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The game media will provide “normal” and “difficult” two difficulty levels, users can choose to stick all the way, or half-way (fight again the next day).

Once you’ve completed your challenge, you can see your achievements in the leaderboard. Like many games, Guess My Word encourages players to keep trying, invite friends, and compete.

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As a writer, Megan Farokhmanesh, who has a native language advantage, was full of confidence in her vocabulary.

But after stuck on a question for 2 minutes and tried 13 words, the game gave him a deep sense of frustration. If you don’t believe it, you can try it.