another DxO king ,Huawei P40 Pro Camera Exposure: 52 Million Master Cam /Support 16-in-1

The P40 Pro will be officially unveiled in March, and one of the points of view is the image. On January 16th, it was reported that Huawei’s P40 Pro, with 52 million mains and a 1/1.33-inch base, uses Quad Bayer Quad technology, the rumored 16-in-1 technology. The so-called 16-in-1 technology is 4-in-1 and 4-in-1, plus 1/1.33-inch bottom, in the extreme night scene environment of video and photos will have a higher purity, get better picture quality, imaging results worth looking forward to.

Huawei has applied for trademarks such as Quad-Curve Overflow, Ultra Vision Camera, Ultra Vision Sensor and 5G AR, possibly for the P40 series, the report said.

One of these Ultra Vision Sensor ultra-vision sensors may be the 52 million image sensor on the P40 Pro, which is specifically registered as a marketing need and possibly related to Quad Quad Bayer technology on the other.

It is worth mentioning that the P40 Pro is likely to send DxOMark. Starting with the P20 series, the Pro version of each generation of P-Series was the best-performing phone at the time, so the P40 Pro will dominate DxOMark as the next generation of camera flagships.

DxO Top Booking Huawei P40 Pro Camera Exposure: 52 Million Master/Support 16-in-1

P40 Pro rendering (for reference only)