Twitter CEO accepts video interview without considering tweet editing

On Tuesday, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey took part in a video interview with Wired about technology promotion and personal habits in Africa, as well as a series of issues that the social networking platform had in its early days in 2006. Of course, Jack Dorsey also read out some of the tweets and answered questions about whether Twitter was considering introducing tweet editing, but the answer was no.

Twitter CEO accepts video interview without considering tweet editing

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Many netizens expect some changes to the Twitter platform in 2020, such as adding an edit button to a tweet.

However, Jack Dorsey says That Twitter starts with a short message service and is characterized by the fact that it can’t be recalled after it’s sent, which is the atmosphere they’ve always wanted to create.

Although Jack Dorsey knows some of the benefits of editing buttons, such as the feasibility of fixing spelling errors, failing connections, and continuing to edit tweets within minutes of posting.

But the team is concerned about the negative effects of the move, such as the proliferation of misinformation: “These are all factors that need to be taken into account, but we may never do so.”

Twitter CEO accepts video interview without considering tweet editing

In addition, netizens asked questions about the social network’s content policy and executives’ personal habits. An article on CNBC, for example, talks about Jack Dorsey’s 11 health habits.

“Some of them are real, like trying meditation for two hours a day, but I definitely don’t do saunas and ice baths every day, and just eating seven dinners a week is enough,” he says.

Jack Dorsey Answers Twitter Questions From Twitter (via)

As for Africa, Jack Dorsey thinks it’s a very interesting place where they learn and analyse a lot of things: “I want to have a good understanding of what’s happening on the continent and what people think about technology.”

When it comes to advertising, he reiterated that Twitter does not peddle user information. As for the new “don’t like / want to step” button proposed by the netizen, he said he would pass the idea on to the team members.