Warming heart: Music company creates ‘exclusive song list’ for pets to ease loneliness

Spotify, the Swedish streaming music service, recently created an “exclusive song list” for pets who are at home alone, according tomedia reports. The lists reportedly include soothing music, stories, stories told by British actors and ambient sounds including the sound of rain. Researchers believe this will reduce the stress levels of pets when no one is in the home.

Warming heart: Music company creates 'exclusive song list' for pets to ease loneliness

Photo Source: Screenshot of Spotify’s social media account.

If the owner is not at home, the pet can hear such a statement: “If I can, I will be here all day to touch you.” Every day from seeing your smiling face, I am very happy. “These content sits for no more than five hours.

The company is reportedly considering launching the song list after discovering that 74 per cent of UK owners will play music to their pets. Forty-two percent of owners said their pets had their own musical preferences. A quarter of those surveyed said their pet would dance with the music.

It is reported that the host through the website can create their own song list. First you need to choose which pet to choose for music, with dogs, cats, hamsters, birds and lizards on the list for the time being.

The algorithm also selects tracks based on pet personality, so the music platform learns more about pets from owners.