“Black Widow” reveals Natasha’s life story takes place after “Team 2”

Recently, according tomedia reports, the upcoming film “Black Widow” will focus more on Natasha’s past, she will return to the old Russian land, with old friends. The life of Black Widow, and the story of her before she joined the reincarnation, will also be one of the film’s key points of view in the marvelled Marvel films.

“Black Widow”

In addition, according to director Cate Shortland, The Black Widow’s time line is set after “Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier,” which combines Marvel’s architectural style with the thriller elements of the spy war.

“Black Widow”

Screenwriter Jac Schaeffer has promised, as Black Widow Natasha’s first solo film, to present a “adrenaline-fuelled” action drama for Marvel fans, showing viewers her personal strength and when she will break away from the Avengers.

It is reported that the film “Black Widow” will be released in North America on May 1, 2020, the domestic release time has not yet been determined.