Large mirrors set up on the streets in Bangalore, India, to curb people’s drowning on the streets

People drown in the streets is also a traditional Indian habit, and the Indian government to curb such uncivilism is also painstakingly struggling. According tomedia reports, recently, Bangalore municipal departments in the city recently a number of “hot open-air drowning point” erected a large public welfare billboard, each brand about 2.4 meters long, 1.2 meters wide, and bring their own mirror reflective effect, almost no dead end to map the street situation.

Large mirrors set up on the streets in Bangalore, India, to curb people's drowning on the streets

If someone drowns in the street, they can show their ugliness through a mirror, thus curbing this bad habit. Mr Kumar, a Bangalore city official, said the move was to “humiliate” those who drowned on the street.

It is worth mentioning that these mirrors are able to persuade those who drown in the street. The mirror is also pasted with two-dimensional code graphics, the public through the mobile phone scanning two-dimensional code, you can know the location of the nearest public toilet, so as to guide the public to take the initiative to go to public toilets.

It is reported that Bangalore as India’s “IT capital”, the city gathered a large number of domestic technology and high-tech companies, and a large number of foreign friends visit each year. And the people when the street drowning habits, very damaging to the city’s municipal image, in addition, the street roadside is also perennial smell, people often avoid the roadside, walk to the middle of the road, very unsafe.

However, some media believe that the establishment of mirrors is only a stopgap measure and can not really solve the problem of drowning on the street. Because Bangalore, a metropolis of 10 million people, has only 463 public toilets, it is far from meeting the public’s need for toilets. And the reason why people drown on the roadside is not only to comply with “traditional customs”, but also helpless.