Microsoft Edge browser reborn, but the future of the Web is in Google’s hands

Whether on the desktop or on the mobile side, browserist is no longer an important market for Microsoft. Nevertheless, Microsoft has spared no effort to optimize the Edge browser, and building an Edge browser based on an open source project, Chromium, is one of the most important initiatives. After more than a year of testing, on January 15, 2020, Microsoft released the new Chromeum version of the Edge browser.

Chromium Edge browser is open for download

It is understood that users can download a “stable” official version of the Windows Edge browser from the Microsoft Edge website. And the new Edge browser supports more than a number of systems, including Windows 8.1/8, Windows 7, macOS, iOS, and Andriod, but also supports nearly 90 languages.

The official version is microsoft Edge 79 stable, and Microsoft will also launch a stable new Edge version to all Windows 10 users over the next few months, including Edge 80, Edge 81, and more, although no specific features have been revealed for the upcoming update.

In addition, if the user does not want to install the Microsoft Edge browser manually, the update to Windows 10 will be installed automatically.

Microsoft Edge browser reborn, but the future of the Web is in Google's hands

On the outside, the logo of the Chromium Edge browser is very different from the previous version. The “e” of the new logo does not extend the previous single blue hue, and the shape changes to a wavy shape.

Internally, the features of the Chromeum version of the Edge browser are primarily intended for enterprise users. The new Microsoft Edge helps enterprise users get their work done better with new features such as favorites and the most comprehensive built-in learning and accessibility toolset on the network.

Some enterprise users are known to use both Chrome and Microsoft Explorer or Edge, and Microsoft wants a new version of Edge to be able to use users without having to use both browsers.

In addition, The Chrome-based Edge browser supports Chrome-based extensions, 4K streams, Dolby audio, PDF ink and privacy tools. Also, the Chromeum version of Edge browser tracking prevention is the default and provides three levels of control, such as Firefox’s tracking protection, which provides online privacy protection.

Edge Embraces Chromium

In fact, Edge browsers were first launched with an independently developed EdgeHTML engine designed to compete with standards from browser makers such as Google and Apple. For nearly two or three years, the competitive relationship between Edge and Chrome seems to have been on the table, and you can see it from Microsoft’s attitude to Chrome.

Previously, microsoft used windows and other ways to drive users to use The Edge browser.

Not only that, but Microsoft released a report in June 2016 comparing power loss to microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers running on the Windows 10 operating system, and the results (unsurprisingly) Indicates that Microsoft Edge is more power-saving than other browsers such as Chrome.

By December 6, 2018, however, Microsoft’s attitude towardChrome had changed dramatically. Microsoft officially announced that it will use Google’s Blink engine to build an Edge browser based on Chromium, the foundation of Google Chrome. As a result, Edge and Chrome become the same origin.

Media The Verge has been reporting on Edge’s move to switch to the Blink engine. Microsoft has been considering Chromium for at least a year, the report said. During the use of The Edge browser, Microsoft has heard too many complaints from corporate and individual users because of stability issues. Despite Microsoft’s attempts to promote EdgeHTML, the user’s complaints have not stopped.

After the announcement of the creation of an Edge browser based on Chromium, Joe Belfiore, Microsoft’s vice president for Windows, said:

In a fundamental sense, Microsoft wants to provide a better web experience for many different users, who will be able to experience greater stability across all Windows devices and Web sites with Edge browsers (and other web browsers) while getting the best possible life.

For Microsoft, embracing Chromium is more than just a big shift in the edge browser itself.

Microsoft has said in its official blog that it will continue to upgrade its web platform to make all Chromium-based browsers run better on Windows devices – almost the same as, given Chromium’s close relationship with Chrome, microsoft will work to improve Chrome’s Wi Experience on the ndows platform.

As things stand, There’s a same-origin relationship and a bit of competition between Edge and Chrome, but on the Windows platform, Chrome no longer faces hostility from Microsoft.

Microsoft Edge browser reborn, but the future of the Web is in Google's hands

After a browser war and the baptism of the mobile Internet, today’s Edge browser is no longer a dedicated accessory to Windows 10, but, like Office, a Microsoft app across the four platforms of Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

On the other hand, with Microsoft also switching to Chromium, the competition between Edge and Chrome has disappeared at the technical standards and eco-platform levels.

As competition fades and Google becomes more influential across the Web ecosystem, is that a good thing?