Report: 41% of PC gamers are using AMD processors

AMD’s share of the x86 processor market has been growing steadily in the three years since Zen’s release. Recently, a statistical report from jPR, a leading statistical organization, combined with Antikythera and Wccftech, showed that 41% of PC players were using AMD processors.

The survey, which was launched last October, collected 143,200 responses.

Of course, but all statistics have limitations and cannot be summarized in a comprehensive way. In fact, amd processors account for 16% of Steam client users and Intel still 83%, according to data from Steam’s December hardware and software survey.

However, tangled in the specific numerical significance is not big, the general trend, Rylong is indeed helping AMD to destroy the city.

Report: 41% of PC gamers are using AMD processors

More than one analyst has recently come out on top of AMD’s outlook for the next two to three years, arguing that Zen 3 at the end of this year, Zen 4 next year and Zen 5 the following year will continue to narrow the gap between it and Intel’s processor market share.