The iPhone 12 A14 chip is comparable to the 15-inch MacBook Pro?

We have very limited information about this year’s iPhone 12, but there are rumours that the iPhone 12 will feature a design similar to the iPhone 4 or iPad Pro, with rear cameras that support ToF technology to improve AR performance, 5G networks, and 6GB R Am runs memory, as well as A14 chips using a 5nm process.

The iPhone 12 A14 chip is comparable to the 15-inch MacBook Pro?

What does a 5nm process mean for a mobile phone? Jason Cross, a MacWorld website, analyzed the iPhone 12 A14 chip, which he believes can rival the performance of the 15-inch MacBook Pro.

He says upgrading the 7nm process to a 5nm process may sound like a modest improvement, but it can actually be a major upgrade. The 5nm process means that the A14 chip may have 12.5 billion transistors, more than desktop and server CPUs.

Jason Cross believes the A14 chip’s multi-core running score could be around 4,500 or more than 5000. Currently, the fastest Android phone has a multicore score of around 3000. A 5000 point means a similar point to a 6-core desktop PC or a high-matching notebook CPU.

At the same time, more transistors and 6GB of RAM in the GPU can improve game performance by 50%. Finally, Jason Cross mentions that Apple will upgrade the neuronal network engine, meaning that the A14 is twice as efficient as the A13.