Apple and company employees’ total charitable contributions to exceed $100 million in 2019

Apple said in a new news release that the company and its employees donated a total of $100 million to charity in 2019,media reported. Apple noted that 21,000 Apple employees contributed their time and donated $42 million to their charitable cause. In addition, apple 1-to-1 donations and $25 per volunteer, the total increased to more than $100 million.

Apple and company employees' total charitable contributions to exceed $100 million in 2019

Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of environmental, policy and social action, says the company’s mission is to “make the world a better place and give back to the communities in which we live and work.”

“Apple employees like Jaz embody this culture of everyday dedication, and last year they volunteered for 250,000 hours. We have a deep commitment to the local community and do everything we can to create more good. “

It is understood that Apple’s announcement focused on Jaz Limos, a manager at the Apple Park Visitor Center in Cupertino, who founded Anotyear’s temporary barber shop, Saints of Steel, for people who are looking for jobs and housing.

Saints of Steel is largely funded by Apple, and 80% of the first-year donation came from Benevity, a corporate donation program used by the company, and 74% of that donation came from Apple.