Huawei Developer Day: 50% of app revenue on the App Store goes into Apple’s pocket

How many app ingredients can developers get from the App Marketplace? What’s the annual income? While apple’s App Store has become the industry consensus, it has been debated exactly how much revenue it generates for developers. Google has always been reluctant to provide those numbers, so industry insiders speculate that Play Market’s revenue isn’t good. At Huawei’s Developer Day in London today, IDC Vice President Francisco Jeronimo shared a picture showing the distribution of income between different platforms.

Huawei Developer Day: 50% of app revenue on the App Store goes into Apple's pocket

According to the image, Apple’s App Store generated $33 billion in revenue, 50 percent of which went into Apple’s pocket. Despite google’s 80 per cent global smartphone market share, there is still a huge gap between the app store’s revenue list and Apple’s, which is $18bn, with a 27 per cent share. In China, AppStore scored $13 billion in revenue and 20 percent of its revenue. There are other channels of $2 billion, or 3 percent.

Apple is believed to have about 1 billion users in terms of installs, while Google says it has more than 2.5 billion Android users. Despite this number advantage, the amount of revenue per iOS user for developers is $33, compared with $13.2 per Android user. If only from the western developed countries, this gap will widen further.