Cooler Master”beat flat” tubular thermal grease to avoid being mistaken for drugs by parents

Cooler Master recently released a new form of thermal grease products, from the traditional round tubular, replaced with a more easily applied flat-mouth design. However, the official Twitter account wrote that this was not just about “better use” but that the company was tired of constantly explaining to parents that their children were not taking syringes for drugs. Previously, after the user extruded the thermal grease in the tube from the chip, they also needed to use small pieces of plastic to scrape flat (uniformly applied) to give full play to the heat-conducting effect of the radiator.

(Screenshot via TechSpot)

Only a few of the new designs have been replaced in Cooler Master’s selling range of silicone products, including Mastergel, Mastergel Pro and Mastergel Maker.

It is not clear whether @CoolerMaster official’s tweet was a joke or a proper explanation. It’s just that for those who are familiar with DIY, this terrier estimate is hard to turn over.