News that Sony’s PS5 performance is the same as the Xbox Series X, but will be $100 cheaper

A few days ago, an anonymous user revealed a lot of interesting information about the PS5 on the 4chan forum. The Sony console will be unveiled in New York on February 5 and will go on sale immediately after the press conference, months ahead of the original expectation of October 2020, the person said. The person also revealed information about the ps5’s price, saying it would be only the PS5 and no PS5 Pro at the time of launch. In terms of price, retail prices are $499 in the U.S., 449 euros in Europe, 449 pounds in the U.K. and 54,999 yen in Japan.

News that Sony's PS5 performance is the same as the Xbox Series X, but will be $100 cheaper

At the same time, the person also revealed that the upcoming Xbox Series X will have two products:

The PS5 is essentially the same size as the Xbox Series X, which is $100 more expensive, and performs better than the Xbox Lockhart (4TFlops), which is 10TFlops, which is $100 cheaper. If true, that would mean the Xbox Series X (the successor to the Xbox One X) sells for $599, while the Xbox One S’s successor sells for $399.

Based on the previously leaked configuration, the PS5’s oberon chip, codenamed Oberon, will provide 36 sets of AMD Navi architecture computing units at a frequency of 2000MHz, resulting in a GPU computing force of 9.2TF. There are also reports that the PS5 GPU can switch in 3 modes in order to be down-compatible with PS4 and PS4 Pro games. Normal mode is “gen 2” and runs next-generation games. The other two modes are “gen1” and “gen0” for downward compatibility. The gen1 mode has exactly the same performance as the PS4 Pro: 36 sets of computing units, 911Mhz clock frequency, 218GB/s memory bandwidth and 64 sets of ROP (grating processing units).