How to send a million people to Mars, Musk talks details, do you think it’s true?

January 17 (UPI) — Although space exploration technology company SpaceX has yet to produce the first starship prototype capable of flying into near-Earth orbit, Elon Musk has laid out ambitious plans for the company’s exploration of deep space spacecraft, including the colonization of Mars,media reported. On Thursday, Musk revealed on Twitter what he wanted to achieve.

How to send a million people to Mars, Musk talks details, do you think it's true?

Musk doesn’t just want to send a few brave people to Mars, he wants to turn it into a human colony. In a tweet, he revealed the goal of building 100 starships a year in the future. Every time Earth and Mars orbit in sync, about 100,000 people can be sent from Earth to Mars.

Musk wrote on Twitter, “To build 100 starships a year, it will reach 1,000 in 10 years, which means 100 million tons of capacity per year.” Or that it could carry about 100,000 people whenever the Earth and Mars orbit. “

One Twitter user reviewed the data and asked Musk if he planned to have 1 million people on Mars by 2050. “Yes,” Musk replied. The SpaceX CEO has previously proposed colonizing the population of Mars. The latest tweet gives more insight into how Musk achieves this goal. But “ambitious” is not enough to describe the timeline, and “miracle” may be a more appropriate description.

As the planet moves, the distance between Earth and Mars reaches its closest about every 26 months. Musk’s vision is to launch 1,000 starships into orbit and then launch them in a month’s time to travel to Mars in the golden window. Even so, it will still take months for humans to reach Mars from Earth.

Musk later responded to a Twitter user’s tweet explaining, “The fleet to Mars will be launched into Earth orbit first, and then 1,000 spacecraft will leave Earth every 26 days in 30 days.” It’s like the movie “Battlestar Galactica.”

This delighted SpaceX’s legions of fans. Musk said there would be a lot of jobs on Mars. Asked who to pick for Mars, Musk wrote on Twitter, “It’s going to make everyone go, if they want to.” People who don’t have the money to go to Mars will get a loan. “So maybe you can use the remodeling of Mars to pay off SpaceX’s loan.”

Musk says that’s why he’s amassed wealth. He wrote on Twitter: “Helping to pay these expenses is the reason I have accumulated assets on Earth. “Musk’s expected Tesla pay should be a good boost.

SpaceX has a long way to go before these ideas become a reality. After a series of successful tests using the starship prototype Starbug, the company is currently building a starship prototype capable of reaching Earth’s orbit. The reusable spacecraft has a life span of 20 to 30 years, allowing it to fly back and forth between the two planets. (Chenchen)