Trump has sent more than 10,000 tweets since taking office.

President Trump, known for his “Twitter rule,” has posted 11,887 posts on social media in the 33 months since he took office. Mr. Trump has tweeted more frequently, with more than 500 tweets in the first two weeks of October. “He (Trump) tweets every day, like we’re going to eat.” Kellyanne Conway, a senior adviser to Mr. Trump, described it this way.

特朗普上台以来发了1万多条推特 美媒发现了有趣规律

Looking back at the White House’s big news this year, many of which were first-hand on Trump’s tweets, such as the death of ISIS leader Baghdadi, the Announcement of U.S. Recognition of Israel’s Sovereignty over the Golan Heights, the firing of Bolton, the president’s national security aide…

“Boom, I’ll press, we’ll have breaking news in two seconds,” Trump said at a White House meeting. “Twitter has become a tool of Trump’s administration to reshape the power of the president of the United States.

Worried that the unsuspecting tweet could cause unnecessary trouble, Mr. Trump’s aides have considered making a request to Twitter to delay Mr. Trump’s tweets for 15 minutes.

The New York Times and CNN analyzed Trump’s tweets to find some interesting patterns.

Twitter content: “Attack” into a keyword

The New York Times reported that more than 2,000 “self-praises” of Trump’s more than 10,000 tweets, and more on attacks on the outside world, including about 5,889 tweets containing offensive messages.

特朗普上台以来发了1万多条推特 美媒发现了有趣规律黄色部分为推特中的攻击性信息。图/《纽约时报》统计数据

Here are the New York Times’s statistics on Trump’s tweets:

Attacks on others and some incidents – 5889

Praise for others and events – 4876

Attacking the Democrats – 2405

Praise Trump – 2026

Spreading Conspiracy Theories – 1710

Attack News Organization – 1308

Attack on minority groups – 851

Appreciation of Fox News and Other Conservative Media – 758

Attacks on immigrants – Article 570

Attack on the former President of the United States – 453

Attacking Hillary – 256

Attackon of hostile countries – Article 233

Show-off event scale and cheers – 183

Businesses involving Trump – 95

Calling the news media “enemies of the people” – 36

Call yourself “everyone’s favorite president” – 16

Mr. Trump has attacked four Democratic minority members of Congress on Twitter, saying they should return to their “completely broken and rampant crime” if they don’t like the United States. The tweets caused a stir, with the House even voting to condemn Mr. Trump’s remarks.

Mr. Trump’s aides are concerned that the tweets could damage the president’s political image, but Mr. Trump himself is confident about his social media management. Last month, announcing the death of ISIS leader Baghdadi, Trump tweeted: “Terrorist groups use the Internet better than anyone else in the world except Trump.” ”

Twitter text: On average, there’s a spelling mistake every 5 days

It’s inevitable that people will make hand mistakes when typing on their phones, but there seems to be a lot more spelling mistakes on Trump’s tweets than the average person.

CNN commissioned to check the spelling of Trump’s tweets, which showed that there were 188 spelling mistakes in all tweets, which occur once in five days on average.

The most error-prone words that Trump spells include: councel (correct spelling: counsel), Barrack Obama (correct spelling: Barack Obama), and Capital Hill (correct spelling: Capitol Hill).

In addition, he will misspell some common words, such as “wonderful” as “wonerful” and “people” as “prople”. In one tweet, he misspelled his wife Melania’s name and quickly changed it.

Twitter Feed Time: Watch Fox News’ Morning

Nearly half of Trump’s tweets are sent between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m., when Trump watches Fox News and tweets from his White House residence.

What’s more, at this time, senior White House advisers have barely started working yet.

CNN reported that when Mr. Trump gets up, he usually watches the news program that was recorded the night before, and he also watches “Fox and Friends” on Fox News Morning. After learning some outside information, he comments and opinions on Twitter.

Fox News, Mr. Trump’s favorite media outlet, tweeted on his first day as president, thanking the media for its coverage of his inaugural address. According to a New York Times poll, 15 percent of Trump’s tweets came directly from Fox News.

Twitter fan response: Negative content gets more likes

YouGov, a British research firm, polled Trump’s tweets, inviting American voters to rate each tweet. The results showed that negative content with lower average ratings generally received higher likes, such as offensive remarks about others and the outside world, while some policy messages with higher ratings had little reaction on Twitter.

According to the New York Times, the survey shows that Trump’s Twitter followers often fail to truly reflect the minds of most American voters. But Mr. Trump himself thinks the comments and likes on Twitter are more reliable than the polls of professional agencies.

Trump’s official Twitter account currently has 66.5 million followers. After analyzing the location, personal information, and more, Affinio, a Canadian data analytics platform, said only 3 million of them may be active users in the U.S. Affinio points out that Trump’s Twitter account fans include zombie powder, marketing numbers, and scam numbers, in addition to a number of fans from abroad, mainly from Russia, India, Nigeria, as well as Latin American countries such as Venezuela and Mexico.

The Twitter Audit platform, which specializes in Twitter zombie powder and fraudulent accounts, also analyzed fans of Trump’s Twitter accounts. The results showed that more than 6 million fake fans.

A survey by Stirista, an American data analytics firm, found that a large proportion of Trump’s Twitter followers were white men and older.


Why do you rarely see Trump tweeting in public?

Trump tweets very often, but few media have captured him typing on his cell phone.

The New York Times explains that Mr. Trump doesn’t like to be seen looking at his phone in a fancy dress. Moreover, he sometimes directly orders Dan Scavino, the White House’s director of social media, to help him write his tweets, which He would give to the president on a larger screen.

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