EU asks iPhone to replace Type-C, but facts misunderstand

Recently, according tomedia reports, the European Union once again discussed the unification of all smartphones, tablets of the standard charging ports, such as USB Type-C, said some members are studying legislation and other means to enforce the matter, but it is still possible to take a voluntary approach to implement.

EU asks iPhone to replace Type-C, but facts misunderstand

If this happens, then the impact on the iPhone is huge, it must be replaced by the Lighting interface to the Type-C interface, given the iPhone’s hundreds of millions of magnitude, is undoubtedly a big project.

Butmedia pointed out that this time the European Union did not actually ask the iPhone to replace the Type-C interface.

First, unlike in previous years, the EU discussion is not about mobile phone data lines or interfaces, but on wall chargers, the European Commission vice-president has said that the EU has as many as 30 types of chargers, but since 2009 began preparations for unified chargers, this number has dropped to three, but even so, Every year, used chargers can bring in 51,000 tons of e-waste.

Apple’s chargers already meet EU standards, so there is no need to adjust them, and Apple’s name is not mentioned at all at the EU meeting.

Of course, it is not impossible to understand the public’s complaints about the Lingting interface, now Android models and notebook products have basically replaced the entire line to Type-C interface, a line is enough to solve the charging problem, but if you bring an iPhone, you have to bring an more Lingting line, very troublesome, And the quality of Apple’s official wire is notoriously undurable.