Voice Virtual Assistant or Sony’s most exciting new feature for the PS5

According tomedia reports, although Sony at CES 2020 about the upcoming launch of the new game console PS5, but it only reviewed the previously public configuration data and provided only a small part of the information, such as the new PS5 logo, but that’s all. Sony had predicted that the console’s most exciting features had not yet been announced, and while it was not yet known what it was, there was growing evidence that the PS5 would have a new built-in feature that no one expected.

Voice Virtual Assistant or Sony's most exciting new feature for the PS5

Back in late September, a Sony patent showed a voice-activated virtual assistant called PlayStation Assist that helps players transfer information while playing PS games. This feature is a very meaningful and helpful feature for the player.

A few weeks later, Sony released a new PS5 handle, which was first shown to the device with a microphone-like hole on it. Sony has not denied this.

Finally, a new sony patent details another technology the company has developed for consoles, a user-generated content system that describes gameplay-related methods. Being able to tell the screen what’s going on during the game is what the assistant needs.

Like any patent, Sony cannot guarantee that the invention will be used in the PS5’s DualShock 5 handle. However, these cannot all be coincidences. The latest patent is the final proof that Sony wants to install a microphone on the handle.