Facebook Watch won’t renew original shows ‘Lyme Town’ and ‘Festival’

Two original Episodes of Facebook have been cut, according tomedia slash Gear, which airexclusively on its Facebook Watch video platform. Despite being well received and starring two famous actresses, Limetown and Sorry for Your Loss escaped being cut. While Facebook has not completely abandoned the original video market, it has reduced the number of original shows it will offer.

Facebook Watch won't renew original shows 'Lyme Town' and 'Festival'

Deadline quoted sources as saying Facebook was still working on some original programming. “Lyme Town, an episode starring Jessica Biel,” tells the story of a journalist investigating the disappearance of hundreds of people. Facebook announced it would not renew the show’s second season. The show received a moderate rating from critics, but the audience rated it highly.

Similarly, the company decided not to renew the third season of “The Festival”, which also received high ratings. The play, starring Elizabeth Olsen, revolves around the story of the protagonist, Leigh Shaw, who discovers the secrets about her husband after his death.

Sources interviewed by Deadline said Facebook is converting Watch’s original content to non-original content; it will continue to release planned original programming, but needs “the right project” to launch original content beyond them. It’s unclear how many viewers the two canceled episodes attracted, and why Facebook decided to cancel them.