Rumours say Google is working to provide Steam support for Chromebook

According to a report on Android Police, Google appears to be working to introduce official support for Steam games for Chromebooks. Last year, Chrome OS enabled support for Linux applications. But Kan Liu, director of product management at Chrome OS, says that in the near future, players will also be able to get the Steam gaming experience on Linux-based Chrome OS.

Rumours say Google is working to provide Steam support for Chromebook

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This could be a huge boon for users who have already bought a Chromebook device. However, it is important to note that Kan Liu did not disclose the exact time of the feature and has not been confirmed by Google and Valve.

And the vast majority of devices running the Chrome OS operating system have insufficient hardware performance to support the large amount of game content available on Steam.

So even if Steam is on the Chrome OS platform, it may only be enabled on the most powerful Chromebook device.

If Google decides to work with Valve to officially launch support for Steam games on Chrome OS, the company should try to release more powerful Chromebook devices this year.

Given that Chrome OS is based on the Linux underlying, it is not difficult to run the Linux version of the Steam client.

The operating system currently allows Chromebook users to install and run Linux apps, but don’t expect all Linux games to run seamlessly on Chrome OS.

Most Chromebook devices today exist as a cheap alternative to MacBooks and PC laptops. It remains to be seen whether the new devices will be able to turn around, such as switching to more powerful AMD mobile chips.